Friday, March 5, 2010

Time Lapse Meditations

In solidarity with my student-clients, and for the benefit of my own growth, I have been particularly intentional about my mindfulness practice lately. Today I found a unique expression of mindfulness meditation, in the creation of a time-lapse video.

Inspired by a CNN report that featured people from around the world who had created their own time lapse videos using digital cameras, I thought that this would be a fun way to spend my Ocean Shores vacation. Kyle was off conferencing, and so I got down to business.What struck me, during the process, was how intentional and meditative it actually felt. I was sitting on my porch, or out on a sand-dune, and had my camera balanced on a railing or pole and spent time taking the pictures.


The repetitiousness of the clicking lulled me into a zen place, and I noticed that I was split simultaneously, as it often happens during meditation. There was this part of me that looked through the viewfinder and noticed the details, or thought "wow, nothing is changing here, this is going to be a boring video to watch back." I noticed thoughts of how pointless the task was, how tedious it would be to edit the photos, or wonderings about who on earth would even watch something like this. Then there was part of me that got to stand back and observe the goings on. I could see how the waves and the dunes were constants, even in their own change, and how people or cars or birds interacted with the environment...perhaps without really even being aware.

And I was outside of the story, observing, and inside the story, noticing the minutia, the monotony, the change.

It reminds me of working with clients, as we begin to see together how things do change, even if the changes seem imperceptible at first. I know when I've been depressed or sick or anxious, it feels like it has always been this way. Maintaining mindfulness has helped me to see that even when something is uncomfortable, it does change, even if it doesn't mean I'm all happy flowers and rainbows. There are shifts and shades that can be seen when time has elapsed.

So I encourage you all to try this, mindfully create a time lapsed piece...and if you do send me the link!


sarah robey said...

i love this. and i had no idea you even had a blog. i have one too! its

but i havent written in a goal is to write a few this weekend!

keep us updated on your amazing life jenna powers fox.

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